make me choose → rumbelle or olicity? frary or olicity?
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Anonymous →   I have a feeling there's more to the preview scene because one character is meant to end up in hospital according to the description. I wouldn't be surprised if Felicity turns around and is stabbed, or injured in some way because it felt a little weird that he came, saw, conquered, had an opportunity to hurt Oliver more emotionally and didn't take it. So I wouldn't be surprised if he's standing behind her after Felicity turns the lights on :/

Sara is the person who ends up in the hospital going by the promo (x) maybe Laurel sees her scars and put two and two together now that she knows Oliver is the Vigilante.

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Anonymous →   Did Slade left Felicity alone and attack others because he think she's not important ? Man my wish is that Felicity turns out to be the reason that they defeated Slade!

He did his research on Oliver, he must know how important she is to him & the team. I was sure he wouldn’t hurt Felicity but I’m surprised he didn’t say anything to her in the sneak peek (my fingers were crossed for that) so hoping it’s intentional and there’s more to it. Waiting for the moment Slade go after Felicity like he did to others tbh lol and one thing I don’t want right now is for Ivo to be Felicity’s father, nope, I want him to be a new villain/or good guy for S3.

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"He had you and he was going to hurt you. There was no choice to make.”

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get to know me meme: [1/5] television shows → arrow

My name is Oliver Queen.


A bit of a different take on upcoming 2x19 shenanigans. x)

the best of + felicity smoak outfits.

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Arrow 2x09 - Three Ghosts
Arrow 2x18 - Deathstroke

#I love everything about this parallel #EVERYTHING #I love the way they stare at each other #I love the way it was shot #I love that FELICITY IS WEARING THE SAME EARRINGS #and I love that we’ve gone from ‘promise me you’ll come back’ #to ‘go end this; whatever it takes’ #arrow #olicity #the damaged oliver queen #the remarkable felicity smoak #I’ll catch queue if you fall (via andyouweremine)

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Screencaps of Oliver & Felicity in 2.19 - Oliver protecting her


B&W Portraits | Olicity | Arrow

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I don’t really know what to say about this other than I’ve been wanting to draw them in black and white again for a while, and I’ve also been wanting to draw a double portrait set for a while, so I guess the two just came together in this. (Click through for larger view.)

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