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in what episodes do we see a jealous oliver?

2.08 "The Scientist", 2.09 "Three Ghosts" and 2.10 "Blast Radius"

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Hi! I really love your blog btw. Can you recommend some multichapter fics where Olicity go undercover as a couple? xo

Thanks! I don’t have any suggestion in my mind right now but look at this undercover tag (x) at theolicitylibrary you might find something good and does anyone have a recommendation?

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2014 GreenArrowTV Awards: Pick The Biggest Shocker Of Arrow Season 2! | GreenArrowTV


I voted for “Oliver declares his love for Felicity in the season finale.”

Be sure to vote in all the other GreenArrow 2014 Awards categories like:

Favorite Season 2 character (This is a hard one cause Oliver and Felicity are both on the list. How do you choose?!)

Best Villain (I picked Deadshot. I like him lots)

Favorite Director (I voted for John Bering)

Favorite Writer (I voted for Greg Berlanti but this was a tough one)

Best Female Actress (Emily, of course)

Best Male Actor (Stephen Amell)

Least Fav Ep (this was tough ‘cause there’s a few of these on my list)

Best Ep (I have a couple but I went with Unthinkable for several reasons)

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Hey, first of all, I really love your blog!!! It's great, so please keep up the good work :)) My question is: why is the link to your compilation of fanfics not working anymore?! I enjoyed reading them so much and now all I get is that the URL to the "now emilybetterthanyourickards" can not be found... Can you fix that? Thank you veeery much <3

Hi, first thank you, makes me happy :)

Second, what you are talking about is not my compilation of fanfics, it’s someone else’s I shared cause it’s fantastic. The person changed her URL, you can find her at

Links of the masterpost: (if anyone is looking for Olicity fanfictions recommendations, you should check this out)

Olicity One shots

Olicity Multichapters

Olicity Prompts

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In some ways does shadow remind you of felicity ? Like to me they are both light hearted.... Soz if I don't make sense

In some ways. The writers have made Felicity and Shado parallel each other in some situations. If you look at Oliver’s team in the present and during the Island, you have Diggle/Felicity/Oliver and in the past it’s Slade/Shado/Oliver.You also have dead Shado whispering to Slade how to be vengeful, and you have Felicity supporting Oliver in doing what it takes to beat Slade, etc (x) (x)

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"They have so much chemistry, it’s literally insane. I mean, it’s like, if they were our friends in real life, we would all be going,  'Dude, why aren't you two together?'”  (x)

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a man cannot live by two names

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Canon Olicity moment you probably dont know about

- happened in the second half of season 1, too bad it wasnt in the show

- when Felicity was feeling ashamed for believing guy who almost tricked her into hacking Queen Consolidated Oliver literally filled her place with flowers to prove to her that she truly is Special. 

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"If it’s not the, it is one of the greatest strengths of the show, Team Arrow, the original members. Every time that you see them on a mission and Team Arrow has to coordinate and work together, you see this well-oiled, well-programmed unit working together. It’s always what the fans identify with most. I think it’s one of the biggest strengths of the show. You know, the big story of who Oliver Queen becomes: The Vigilante, The Arrow, and then Green Arrow – it’s a big story, there are a lot of places we will go in how we tell that story. The Arrow Cave will get fuller, and it will get emptier, but the core team will always remain intact. It’s what has saved Oliver’s life; without Diggle and Felicity, we wouldn’t have Oliver where he is emotionally or as a superhero at this point.” - David Ramsey

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Marc Guggenheim on ‘The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak’ (3x05)

"We’ve established in the past that mom is a cocktail waitress in Vegas,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim says. “She and Felicity are two very different people. Episode 5, which is when Felicity’s mom comes to town, really deals with the differences between these two women and how much of their relationship is a struggle as a result. It’s a real challenge for these two people to find some common ground.

As for Felicity’s father, fans will have to wait a little longer to get more information. “The mystery of who Felicity’s dad is probably gets extended more than it gets answered.” (x)

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Because they’ve been dancing around each other since episode three. So basically for 43 episodes, they have had this connection, and we’re finally going to explore it.

Marc Guggenheim….

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